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AED Safeguard Plan


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AED Safeguard Plan

Excl. Tax: £69.00 Incl. Tax: £82.80

With the AED Safeguard Plan, you are assured that you will always have a fully functioning AED. The lifespan of electrodes and batteries are monitored by us, so we can alert you before they expire, offering replacements with a 10% discount. You will be entitled to a FREE loan AED is your AED is returned to us due to theft, malfunction or deployment readout.


AED Safeguard Plan

With the AED Safeguard Plan, you are always assured of a fully functioning AED.

Our AED Safeguard Plan guarantees continuity.  If your AED has been deployed, has a malfunction or has been stolen, a rental-AED will be supplied within 72 working hours, we will collect your AED, carry out the relevant checks and/or repairs; and ensure that your AED is returned to you and back in service as soon as possible.

What is Included :

  • We will record the expiry dates of your battery and electrodes and inform you in good time when these are due to be renewed, you will receive a proforma invoice for replacements with a 10% discount
  • You will be informed if the manufacturer issues a software update for your AED
  • You can telephone 24/7 to report a malfunction, emergency use of  the AED, or theft of your AED.  When reported before 16:00 hours during working days, you will receive a rental-AED within 48 working hours and your AED will be collected
  • If you have deployed your AED in an emergency situation we will:
    • replace the electrode pads and battery if necessary (free of charge)
    • provide a read-out of the ECG data
    • check that your AED is functioning as normal
    • on request we will send the ECG data read-out to the paramedics/cardiologist involved
    • On request we can answer questions about the deployment
  • If your AED develops a fault we will:
    • Where possible, repair the AED in our own technical department
    • if necessary send the AED to the manufacturer for repair
    • when necessary, provide Independent advice on repairing or purchasing a new AED
    • provide you with a rental AED during the repair period
  • In case of theft:
    • You will receive an offer for a new AED
    • you will be offered a rental AED for up to 1 month
  • Customers that purchase their AED from us will automatically receive our standard contract free for the first year.  At the end of the first year, you will receive a proforma invoice to enable you to pay for the standard service contract for the following year, at a cost of £69 (excluding VAT).

You can purchase our AED Safeguard Plan for £69 (excluding VAT) per year.  Customers that purchase their AED from us will automatically receive our AED Safeguard Plan free for the first year.  At the end of the first year, you will receive a proforma invoice to enable you to pay for the AED Safegiard Plan for the following year. Alternatively, if you would like your defibrillator to be serviced annually, at the time of your AED order you can purchase our AED Service Contract for the introductory price of £69 (excluding VAT) for the first year.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Suitable for model Cardiac Science G3, Cardiac Science G3 Pro, Cardiac Science G5, CU Medical I-pad NF1200, CU Medical I-pad SP1, Defibtech Lifeline View, DefiSign Life AED, Deifbtech Lifeline, Heartsine Samaritan 350P, Heartsine Samaritan 360P, Heartsine Samaritan 500P, Life-Point, Nihon Kohden AED-21xx, Nihon Kohden AED-3100, Philips Heartstart FR2, Philips Heartstart FR3, Philips Heartstart FRx, Philips Heartstart HS1, Physio Control Lifepak 1000, Physio Control Lifepak 500, Physio Control Lifepak CR Plus, Primedic AED, Primedic AED-M, Primedic AS, Primedic PAD, Schiller FRED Easy, Schiller FRED Easyport, Zoll AED Plus, Zoll AED Pro
Type of product Other
Item number ES15.2
Manufacturer Medisol
Life 1 Year