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Manikin information

Manikins are anatomically life-sized human models that used in educating people how to apply cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in a verisimilar way.
  • AED defibrillator or CPR manikin resuscitation guidelines 2010 or 2005, should I update?

    Many AEDs claim that they meet the resuscitation guidelines from 2010 or 2005. That does not always mean that you need to update your AED. After all, the changes do not always relate to the functionality of the equipment and therefore a manufacturer may not need to update a device. However what if there is an important update? Medisol explains what you have to do:

    For defibrillators:

    • In 2005, there were many changes. For example, you should immediately start chest compressions instead of first giving two rescue breaths during CPR. Please be certain that your AED at least conforms to the 2005 guidelines.
    • In 2010 there was a change in the protocol, meaning that AEDs with CPR feedback had to be adjusted. More compression was required on the victim’s chest. The AEDs affected by this were the Zoll AED Plus, Zoll AED Pro and HeartSine Samaritan 500P. Other devices with CPR feedback came on the market later and therefore already conformed to the 2010 guidelines.
    • The2015 guidelines did not introduce any changes to the AED protocol. Therefore you do not have to update the AED. However there were changes to CPR guidelines, placing more emphasis on identifying abnormal breathing and asking for help immediately.  Please ensure that your training is up-to-date, in order to provide the best help if needed.

    For CPR manikins

    • Only the change to the 2010 guidelines had consequences for resuscitation manikins. Not all manikins were suitable for the provision of the new deeper compression guidelines. The Ambu Man I and Ambu Man W can be updated to the new guidelines with an update kit. For how to proceed with other manikins please contact customer service.guideluines 2015 ready


  • Resuscitating newborn babies, a comparison of baby resuscitation manikins

    If you are considering the purchase of a baby resuscitation manikin, there are many to choose from.  Laerdal has the Baby Anne and the Recusci Baby QCPR, other manufacturers such as Ambu and Prestan also have a baby resuscitation manikin. There are many differences between the baby manikins on offer.  Below you will find some of the most important specifications of these manikins.

    Ambu Baby






    The Ambu Baby is a commonly used baby manikin for easy handling. The manikin has a removable face, behind which an airway can be placed. Air ventilation will creates an excess of pressure in the head, which makes the chest visibly rise. This means that the breast skin does not need to be opened in order to replace the lung bag. In terms of realism, this manikin is quite lifelike. It is not so realistic when pressing the rigid chest, but the stiffness of the material provides a suitable simulation.

    Link to the Ambu Baby resuscitation manikin

    Laerdal Baby Anne
    The Laerdal Baby Anne doubles as a suffocation training manikin. This manikin has a fabric inner lining and a plastic rib, behind which the airway lung can be applied. This baby manikin is delivered with ''foreign objects'', which are small pieces that can be put into the mouth of the doll, to block the airway.  By firmly hitting the back of the manikin, the object will come loose - useful for practicing suffocation techniques.  This manikin is less useful for practicing chest compressions. Due to the filling it feels unrealistic and does not provide feedback.

    Link to the Laerdal Baby Anne suffocation doll

    Laerdal Resusci Baby QCPR






    For training agencies or organisations that take the practice of baby resuscitation very seriously, there is only one real option, the Resusci Baby QCPR. This is the only baby manikin with a comprehensive feedback mechanism. In conjunction with the Simpad SkillReporter or PC software, student performances can be tracked during training. The Resusci Baby QCPR performs the best in regard to authenticity, hygiene measures and feedback. The only disadvantage is the higher price. However it is undeniable that training agencies will stand out as serious trainers when equipped with this advanced manikin.

    Link to the Laerdal Resusci Baby manikin QCPR


    AMBU baby Laerdal baby anne Laerdal resusci baby QCPR Prestan baby
    Realistic chest compressions
    Life like air ventilation
    Suffocation practice
    Carotid pulse


  • Differences between the AMBU manikins


     Hygiënic ventilation
     Measurement depth compressions
     Delivered with carrier bag
     Delivered with clothes
     Highest quality materials
     Realististic Thorax resistence
     Head tilt / Chin lift
     Measurement ventilations
     Measurement stomach inflations
     Compatible arms
     Compatible legs
     Carotid pulse
     Wireless PC-connection
     Wired PC-connection
     Software monitoring instrument
  • Disinfection of the resuscitation dolls

    Prevent cross-contamination and use a cleanser on your dolls according to the indications of the manufacturer.
    Manufacturers of resuscitaton dolls pay lots of attention to the hygienic trainings system. Disinfection and cleansing are made as easy as possible. For instance Laerdal uses unidirectional valves and Ambu uses separate airways for each student. Actar uses easy replaceable lung bags and easy to remove face shields.

    To prevent cross-contimation between your students it is wisely to follow the regulations for replacing lung bags/ airways. Depending on the hygienic system this is after changing of the student or after each training. For the disinfection of the face shields after changing student special disinfection towels can be used. For the cleansing of the other parts of the doll a non- aggressive cleaning solution can be used.

    Replace regularly the face shield of your resuscitation doll. By using alcohol for the disinfection or a caustic detergent the rubber will become porous and it will become more difficult to disinfect the skin thoroughly.

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