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Medisol pays for the deployment of your AED

Medisol believes it is extremely important that nothing prevents you from using an AED when required.  You should never have to burden a victim’s family members with issues concerning payments for the electrodes and batteries that are used.  Medisol BV takes on this responsibility, to prevent cost issues from becoming a barrier in the deployment of life-saving devices.

All AEDs sold by Medisol are provided with electrodes and if necessary batteries FREE OF CHARGE after emergency use of the defibrillator.  This also applies to customers that currently hold an AED Safeguard Plan or AED Service Contract with us.


Have you used your AED and would like to know whether you are eligible for free replacement parts? Call 01223 790124 with the serial number of your AED and we will immediately be able to check whether your AED is eligible.


  • Medisol will supply you with a free electrode set for your AED. Batteries generally last for longer than one single use, so do not need to be replaced unless they were near the end of their lifespan before the deployment. Our customer service will help you to check the remaining capacity of the battery.  If the battery has completely discharged, we will replace the battery free of cost - no fuss! Just to ensure that your AED will work again!
  • Enquire with Medisol via telephone/email about the free replacement parts. Our customer service may request more information about the deployment of the AED.
  • If you used adult electrodes you will receive new adult electrodes.  If you used child electrodes you will receive new child electrodes.
  • We ask in return that you provide us with a short, non-personalised account of the incident.  This enables us to monitor the effectiveness of the defibrillators that we include in our range.
  • Obviously, we have to depend on the current availability of the parts.  Most electrodes are usually in plentiful stock, but if not they will be sent to you as soon as we have them in stock.
  • You will receive replacement parts directly by parcel service. Thus your AED will in most cases be ready for use within 2 working days of you informing us.
  • This offer is only for defibrillators that were sold by Medisol AEDexpert.  More than 20,000 AEDs are covered by this offer, including AEDs sold by our other European web shops, such as, and affiliated dealers.
  • Customers that did not purchase their defib from Medisol AEDexpert, but hold a current AED Safeguard Plan or Service Contract with us will also qualify for this offer.
  • The scheme is intended for organisations, whose primary aim is not to be specifically involved in emergency situations.  Hospitals, family doctors, NHS establishments, emergency services and public services are excluded from this offer as there is generally already a system and budget in place to cover the cost of replacement materials.
  • It is important to be able to use AEDs again. Request your free replacement set within one week of the emergency deployment.
  • This offer does not apply to electrodes and batteries that are nearing or have expired, from defibs that have not been deployed in an emergency.