An infant CPR manikin resembles the anatomy of a baby up to the age of 1. A baby-sized manikin can be used to train BLS procedures: opening the airway without damaging the head, performing rescue breaths with the right amount of air and chest compressions with the fingers rather than the hands.

Here you can find our range of baby CPR dummies from Ambu, Brayden and Laerdal. Are you looking for infant CPR manikins with feedback? Then opt for models like the Brayden Baby, Laerdal QCPR and Ambu iQF.

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Why use an infant CPR manikin?

Baby CPR manikins are essential optimal PBLS training (Paediatric Basic Life Support) following the RCUK guidelines. The procedures to open the airway, to perform rescue breaths and chest compressions differ from adult procedures. Also the application of an AED works differently. PBLS needs to be exercised in a manner that fits the infant’s needs and anatomy.

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