Defibrillator Batteries

Every defibrillator battery has an expiration date. Please replace the battery in time to ensure a fully functioning device. A beeping sound or flashing light on the AED also indicates that the battery needs to be replaced.

On this page you can find nearly all defibrillator batteries from all manufacturers. Most batteries can be delivered from stock.

Most AED batteries can easily be replaced by yourself. After inserting the new battery the unit will require a self-test (check user manual for guidance). The device is now ready for use; the status indicator will also confirm this. Maybe now is also a good opportunity to check the shelf life of the electrodes?

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  1. Schiller Fred easyport Lithium Battery
    £104.90 £125.88
  2. Defibtech Lifeline ca. 7-years battery
    £252.00 £302.40
  3. Physio-Control Lifepak 1000 Battery
    £227.90 £273.48
  4. Zoll AED Plus batteries
    £53.99 £64.79
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