Defibrillator pads

You are currently searching through the defibrillator pads for various brands of AEDs. Refine your search by using the left column. We have a wide range of defib pads and can deliver in most cases from stock. Because the defib pads remain on the shelf for the shortest time possible, you will receive the longest possible shelf-life electrodes.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us for advice. Click the appropriate defibrillator pads to see the additional information.

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  1. DefiSign Life Electrode Pads
    £63.99 £76.79
  2. Nihon Kohden electrode pads
    £90.99 £109.19
  3. Life-Point  Pro Paediatric Electrode pads
    £73.99 £88.79
  4. Life-Point Pro electrode pads
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Defibrillator electrode pads - replacement pads for defibrillators

Shop our wide range of defibrillator electrode pads for all brands of Automated External Defibrillators. Replace electrode pads before the expiry date to ensure that they work when you need them the most. Most defibrillator electrode pads have a shelf life of around 1.5 - 2 years.

Find the correct electrode pads for your defibrillator.

Our selection includes Defibrillator electrode pads for adultschild electrode pads and child keys. Each defibrillator manufacturer uses its plug to attach the electrodes in the defibrillator. Therefore, it is important to know the correct brand and model of the defibrillator. You can find the make and model of the defibrillator on the back of the device. Use the filter on the left-hand column to refine your search by manufacturer.

Our extensive inventory ensures that most defibrillator electrodes are readily available. We strive to keep our stock fresh, so you can expect to receive electrodes with the longest possible shelf life.

Our defibrillator electrodes provide cardiac rhythm analysis and shock delivery. We offer a wide selection of electrodes for various types of defibrillators, including popular models such as Philips Heartstart HS1 and Defibtech Lifeline.

Placement of electrodes defibrillator

Correct placement of the defibrillator electrodes is crucial for optimal operation. The chest should be the site for applying the two electrodes. For adults, one electrode should be placed on the right side of the chest between the collarbone and the nipple, while the other electrode should be placed on the left side under the chest at the level of the ribs. For more information on how to attach the defibrillator electrodes correctly, please refer to our guidelines: "Applying defibrillator pads on adult patients".

Child electrode pads for the defibrillator

While some defibrillators have a child button, most defibrillators require child-specific electrodes for proper shock delivery on a child's body. These paediatric electrodes are designed to fit better. They also ensure that the shock delivery is adjusted, enabling defibrillators to be used in paediatric CPR. Some defibrillators may also work with a child key. To view all paediatric electrodes and keys, use the filter option on the left. Read more about how child electrodes work.