Cardiac Science

Find the right pads for your Cardiac Science defibrillator.  Whether you have the Powerheart G3 or the Powerheart G5, we have the adult or child pads you need.

Pre-connected Cardiac Science pads

All Cardiac Science pads are pre-connected. This means that the pads are already plugged into the defibrillator and immediately ready to be used when needed.  When you open the cover of the defib, the pads are revealed and the CPR instructions will immediately start.

Changing the pads

To change the pads, unplug the connector and insert the new pads.  When closing the lid of the defib, the instructions will stop and the green status indicator will light up.  If this does not happen, re-open the lid and listen to the instructions of the defibrillator.  You can view the manual for your defib at

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