Lungs and Airways

New CPR manikins are often delivered with lungs and airways and a set of spare ones. Lungs and airways make it possible to not only perform compressions but also rescue breaths. By blowing in air the manikins’ thorax will rise. As for hygiene, we suggest replacing the lungs after each participant. 

In our wide range of products you can find lungs and airways for CPR manikins of Laerdal, Ambu and Brayden. It is important to select the right lungs and airways. Evidently, an infant-sized manikin needs different lungs than an adult one. Every brand has its own lungs and airways. Make use of the filter on the left to find the right product.

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  1. Ambu Man School Airways
    £52.99 £63.59
  2. Ambu Junior Airways
    £51.99 £62.39
  3. Laerdal Little Anne Airways (96 pieces)
    £259.00 £310.80
    £83.99 £100.79
  5. Laerdal Little Anne Airways
    £79.00 £94.80
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