Philips Defibrillators

Philips is a well-established and reliable defibrillator manufacturer. It is one of the most popular brands in the market mainly because they offer a range of devices to suit different budgets and needs. Explore our range, including Philips Automated External Defibrillators, a Philips trainer, Philips defibrillator batteries and Philips defibrillator pads. When every second counts, choose the reliability of Philips defibrillators. Daily checks, 10-year warranty—your heartbeat in safe hands. 

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The Philips HeartStart HS1 defibrillator is the entry-level model designed with cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness in mind. It's worth noting that this particular model ranks among the top-selling defibrillators in Europe. If you have more specific requirements, the HeartStart FRx offers enhanced specifications, making it a better choice for a dusty or moist environment. 

Why choose a Philips defibrillator?

Philips defibrillators offer more advantages than just their reputation. The Philips Heartstart HS1, for example, features Quick Shock technology, making it the quickest defibrillator on the market, capable of delivering a shock in just 8.1 seconds. The Philips devices we sell have a warranty of 10 years. 

Furthermore, Philips defibrillators are highly reliable. The Heartstart HS1 performs daily checks on the battery, electrodes, and functionality of the defibrillator. If anything is amiss, the device provides a warning signal. With this daily check, you can be confident that you always have fully operational defibrillator readily available. 

Philips has implemented an innovative technology in FRx defibrillator that evaluates the patient's heart rhythm, guaranteeing that the Philips FRx defibrillator will only administer a shock when necessary. This means that even in the midst of a rescue, if the button is pressed hastily, the defibrillator will refrain from delivering a shock unless it is actually needed. 

How does a Philips defibrillator work?  

A Philips defibrillator is very user-friendly. You can operate it by either pulling the handle or pressing the green button. While using the AED, you will receive auditory instructions, guiding you through the necessary steps.  

Philips defibrillator pads and batteries 

We offer electrodes suitable for various Philips defibrillator models. The Philips Heartstart HS1 defibrillator requires separate adult and paediatric electrode pads, whereas the Philips Heartstart FRx only requires a single set of electrodes. To use that single set on a child, a paediatric key is needed.  

For your Philips defibrillator, Medisol also offers Philips defibrillator batteries. To compare all the defibrillators we offer click here.