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We are AEDexpert

Medisol, the parent company of AEDexpert, is a European Independent supplier of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators), accessories and related training and resuscitation products. We operate 20 online web shops in 16 European countries and our main warehouse, located centrally in The Netherlands has, in recent years, become a market leader for Defibrillators.

Our Vision

The business was founded by two former paramedics, whose first hand experiences of the outcomes of heart attack patients when there is no heart defibrillator immediately to hand, motivated them to ensure everyone has access to lifesaving equipment for the cheapest possible price.

How can we help you?

We stock products to suit all budgets and whether you are a medical professional, business or member of a community group, our specially trained customer service advisers can guide you through the entire process. With up-to-date knowledge of the British Heart Foundation and Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines, we can help you decide the best AED for your needs.

The complete starter package

As well as striving to provide the lowest prices, we ensure that you and your Defibrillator are rescue ready by providing FREE with every Defibrillator : an ILcor sign, identifying the location of your AED, an Defibrillator checklist tag, the first years warranty and a rescue pack, including clothing scissors, razor, disposable gloves, disinfectant wipes and oxyen mask with oxygen outlet in a handy carry-case to keep with your Defibrillator. In addition we will replace your electrodes and/or battery FREE OF CHARGE, following the first deployment or your AED. Look for our current special offer, with many of our Defibrillators coming with a FREE alarmed wall cabinet.

FREE Shipping

We offer free shipping for all UK orders, regardless of the size of your order.  Our delivery agents ensure prompt and secure delivery of your product(s).

The UK left the EU on 1 January 2021.  Your order will be imported into the UK from the EU, please note that orders delivered to Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) only, where VAT is not charged on an order, the VAT costs plus a transport brokers fee of 2.5% of the VAT costs (or a minimum of £13) will be charged separately by the delivery agent in line with the Brexit guidelines, you can view these guidelines on the UK Government Website: UK Government website

AED Training

Don’t be misled by other companies that ask you to pay for expensive AED training packages. All AEDs are designed to be used by anyone, the machines will talk you through the whole process from start to finish, so you can’t go wrong, you can speak to our customer service adviser for further information on specific products. An extract from the Resuscitation Council UK Statement on the training required to use an AED is set out below :

It is the view of the Resuscitation Council (UK) that the use of AEDs should NOT be restricted to trained personnel. Furthermore, the Resuscitation Council (UK) considers that it is inappropriate to display notices to the effect that only trained personnel should use the devices, or to restrict their use in other ways. Such restrictions are against the interests of victims of cardiac arrest, and discourage the greater use of AEDs by members of the public who may be able to preserve life and assist victims of cardiac arrest. This confirms similar advice from the British Heart Foundation. [April 2009, revised November 2009 Resuscitation Council (UK) website].

To view the full Resuscitation Council (UK) statement and guidelines, visit their website The British Heart Foundation website also provides useful information on organisations that provide FREE CPR training courses and rescue courses. The Resuscitation Council offers a free online interactive CPR training resource called Lifesaver, which can also be downloaded as an app.

Experience and Knowledge

We are not just a supplier of Defibrillators and related products, you will find our website a useful information database, updated regularly with new messages and product notifications, we aim to keep you informed and provide you with the most up-to-date news concerning AEDs, batteries, electrodes and CPR training equipment. For everything you need to know about Defibrillators look no further than our website or contact our knowledgeable customer service advisers, who are on hand and happy to help you with orders, questions or general advice. Our expert staff are trained to be able to inform and advise you in the best way possible.

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