Cabinets and Wall mounts

Looking for the perfect defibrillator cabinet to store and protect your life-saving device? Medisol offers a wide range of defibrillator cabinets and wall brackets, including wall-mounted defibrillator cabinets, outdoor defibrillator cabinets, and waterproof defibrillator cabinets, among others.

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Defibrillator indoor cabinets - Buy indoor defibrillator cabinet

Protect your defibrillator from dust and moisture by storing it in an indoor cabinet. A defibrillator in a cabinet stands out more, saving precious minutes during emergencies. We offer a variety of indoor defibrillator cabinets, most of which feature a magnetic alarm with a sound of 100 dB. Opening the cabinet in an emergency will alert bystanders to offer help. Our indoor cabinets are available in green and white. Use the "indoor" filter option to view our selection of indoor defibrillator cabinets.

Defibrillator outdoor cabinets – Buy an defibrillator outdoor cabinet

An outdoor defibrillator cabinet is essential to protect the defibrillator from extreme temperatures. Proper ventilation can extend the life of the defibrillator, battery, and electrodes. Many outdoor defibrillator cabinets have alarms, LED lighting and PIN code locks. Due to the added features, outdoor cabinets are typically more expensive than indoor cabinets.

At Medisol, we recommend purchasing an outdoor cabinet without a PIN code, as defibrillators should be accessible to everyone in an emergency. When deciding on the placement of the cabinet on a facade, it's important to remember that the cabinet requires a connection to the mains. We advise against DIY installations and recommend consulting an expert for safety. You can use the "outdoors" filter option to view our selection of outdoor cabinets.

Defibrillator wall brackets - Affordable solution for mounting your defibrillator

While most indoor and outdoor cabinets are universal and can accommodate most defibrillators, some defibrillators that come in a bag may not fit in such cabinets. A wall mount can be the solution. A wall bracket is a cost-effective solution that requires minimal installation. However, it is important to note that certain defibrillators that come in a bag may not be suitable for a particular wall bracket. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to the compatibility of the defibrillator with the specific wall bracket. Wall brackets fall under the filter option "indoors".

What does a defibrillator cabinet cost?

This page offers defibrillator cabinets in various price ranges. Outdoor defibrillator cabinets generally cost between €499 and €1,059 excluding VAT, while indoor cabinets are somewhat more affordable, ranging from €119 to €244 excluding VAT. A typical price range for wall brackets is between €45 and €109, excluding VAT, for those considering this option.

How do I get a defibrillator case open?

Opening a defibrillator case or bag in a wall mount is usually straightforward and accessible. However, in some public areas, defibrillators are often stored in locked cabinets that require a key or code to open. In the event of a possible cardiac arrest, emergency services notify civilian responders of the location and code to access the defibrillator. It's also common for first aid officers or managers of the defibrillator to know how to open the cabinet. It is advisable to purchase an defibrillator cabinet without a key or code to ensure quick access during an emergency and to make it easily accessible to everyone to avoid any delays.

Buy a defibrillator cabinet

At, we offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor cabinets and wall brackets to accommodate your defibrillator storage needs. Enjoy free and fast shipping for in-stock items. If you have any queries about choosing suitable storage for your defibrillator, do not hesitate to contact our professional customer service team. With over 20 years of experience in defibrillators, we can provide you with the best advice. Visit to purchase your defibrillator cabinet, wall bracket or other accessories today!