Primedic Defibrillators

Primedic is a German brand from manufacturer Metrax GmbH. We offer two Primedic defibrillators: the HeartSave PAD (3 years battery) and the HeartStart AED (6 years battery). Primedic defibrillators are not only easy to use, but also have a high resistance against water and dirt. Primedic defibrillators come with a 6-year warranty, and Medisol adds an additional 4 years, resulting in a total of 10 years of warranty for your Primedic device. Explore our range, including Primedic Automated External Defibrillators, a Primedic trainer, Primedic batteries and Primedic defibrillator electrode pads.

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  1. Primedic Heartsave AED
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Both Primedic defibrillators we offer have a child mode, which adapts the defibrillator for use on children (< 25kg), eliminating the need for child electrodes. The child button can be found on the front of both devices. Once pressed, the defibrillator will adjust the shock to a much lower level. 

Primedic HeartSave PAD AED

The Primedic HeartSave PAD AED is the entry-level semi-automatic model. This affordable defibrillator is user-friendly and has a good IP rating which means it is water and dust resistant. Next to the clear audio prompts, the device is equipped with a metronome to guide you through CPR in a life threatening situation. The electrode pads are already connected which enables the rescuer to respond even faster. The HeartSave PAD is slightly more affordable compared to the regular Heartsave model because of a shorter battery life span (3 years) and the inability to switch between languages during use of the device. 

Primedic HeartSave AED

The Primedic HeartSave AED is a semi-automatic defibrillator that can be set in four different languages, which is useful in a multilingual environment like a hotel or an international business environment. The HeartSave defibrillator comes with a CompactFlash memory card that can store casualty data that can be shared with healthcare professionals. Software updates on this device are free of charge.

For your Primedic defibrillator, Medisol offers Primedic batteries and Primedic electrodes. You can view all the defibrillators to compare.