An adult CPR manikin is indispensable for any resuscitation course. Make use of a CPR manikin to go through the entire resuscitation procedure, including the head tilt-chin lift or jaw-thrust, rescue breaths and chest compressions.

The adult CPR manikin is also perfect for AED training. Practice the placement of the pads on the manikin and get hands-on experience in switching between chest compressions, rescue breaths, heart rhytm analysis and the potential shock release by the AED trainer.

Here you find our complete range of adult CPR manikins of popular brands like Brayden, Ambu, Laerdal and Life-Form. More and more rescue manikins make use of a Bluetooth connection for in-app CPR-feedback.

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Why is an adult CPR manikin important?

The best way to demonstrate and teach CPR is by using a CPR manikin. Resuscitation techniques cannot be trained safely in real-life. You simply cannot perform CPR on your peer student. Therefore, training institutions opt for a manikin that resembles the anatomy of a real person. Adult CPR manikins are especially made for practicing BLS procedures. On the inside you will find a spring for realistic resistance during chest compressions. You will also find an artificial airway and a set of lungs for practicing rescue breaths.

Most manikins can be used for AED training as well. Students can place the training pads directly onto the manikins’ chest.

Our range of adult CPR dummies includes both trunk models and full body manikins. Next to our adult models, we can also offer infant and child manikins for more in-depth skills practice.