Laerdal Little Family QCPR

Meet the new, interactive Laerdal Little Family QCPR, consisting of:

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Product Description

The Laerdal Little Family QCPR

The Laerdal Little Family QCPR helps improve the quality of CPR training interactively. The Little Family consists of the following popular QCPR training manikins:

  • Little Anne QCPR
  • Little Junior QCPR
  • Little Baby QCPR

All dolls from this set are equipped with the well-known QCPR feedback system from Laerdal. With the help of the QCPR technology you can set up a qualitative training in a jiffy. Connecting is easy and can be done via one of the apps that can be easily downloaded via Google Play or the App Store and can be used via a smartphone or tablet.

The Little Family QCPR is a combination of manikins featuring different age categories. With this family you immediately have everything you need to provide complete training, from neonatal to adult resuscitation.

The manikin set is delivered in a handy trolley on wheels, enabling the QCPR Family to be taken to any training location without difficulty.

Features include:

  • Natural obstruction of the airways when the head is not tilted correctly
  • Mouth and nose channels make it necessary to close the nose for mouth-to-mouth ventilation
  • Chest rises naturally with correct ventilation
  • Affordable and easy to replace disposable airways with one-way valve
  • Removable and reusable facial skins for affordable maintenance
  • Train suffocation techniques with the Little Baby QCPR. Feedback is given via the baby crying when done correctly.
  • Real-time compression and ventilation feedback on all manikins


What’s Included:


Little Anne QCPR

  • Training mat
  • 1 facial skin
  • 2 airways
  • 6 disinfection wipes
  • 2 AA batteries


Little Junior QCPR

  • Training mat
  • 1 facial skin
  • 2 airways
  • 6 disinfection wipes
  • 2 AA batteries


Little Baby QCPR

  • Training mat
  • 7 airways
  • 6 disinfection wipes
  • 2 AA batteries (installed)
Product name Laerdal Little Family QCPR
SKU 136-01050
Manikin type Family
Connectivity Wireless
Procedures BLS (chin lift, ventilation, compression)
Weight 1 kgs
Warranty 1 year
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