SimPad PLUS SkillReporter for CPR feedback

  • Real time, live feedback of CPR performance 
  • Remote control for AED Trainers 
  • Detailed debriefing screens 
  • Summary overviews highlighting areas for improvement 
  • Annotation of key events during CPR simulation 
  • Multi-manikin overview for class teaching 
  • Transfer of data to PC for projector viewing
  • The SimPad is a purpose built, rugged, handheld device 
  • Including CPR for Teams
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Product Description

CPR for Teams

CPR for Teams is a new training option within the latest version of SimPad PLUS with SkillReporter (and SimPad SkillReporter - Classic) that further increases the training capabilities of Resusci Anne QCPR, Resusci Junior QCPR and Resusci Baby QCPR. This new training mode enables users to better understand team performance and practice additional protocols, including 10:1 or continuous chest compressions. CPR for Teams is a unique competitive advantage for the Resusci QCPR manikins (Anne, Junior, and Baby) and can help further differentiate the Resuscis vs Littles.

The CPR for Teams debrief/timeline screen splits CPR Score (quality of compressions and ventilations) and Chest Compression Fraction (% of time providing compressions during the session), which enables instructors to provide coaching on both metrics individually.

Furthermore, there is a global trend towards increased awareness of chest compression fraction (flow fraction) in EMS. The CPR for Teams algorithm acknowledges that resuscitation team training is different from basic CPR skills - and scores accordingly. By presenting the chest compression fraction separately, teams can debrief the compression and ventilation technique (CPR score) first, and then focus on continuous improvement of the team performance, resulting in better hands-on time as a team.

If you purchase a new Resusci QCPR manikin and SimPad PLUS with SkillReporter, CPR for Teams will be immediately available. However, older SimPads and manikins may need to be updated. Updated SimPad software will push manikin firmware updates.

SimPad PLUS SkillReporter for CPR feedback

 Great for use anywhere

 Compact and very easy to carry

 Connects wirelessly to the Resusci Anne QCPR

 Adjustable limits/thresholds

 Training in Assessment mode

 Ultra Lightweight

With the SimPad® SkillReporter™, wirelessly control up to 6 manikins. Used with the AED and CPR-D manikins, you can control cardiac rhythms and run scenarios.
As an instructor, instantly see which students that struggle with the CPR performed.

The SimPad SkillReporter software provides comprehensive, easy-to-use feedback for enhanced Quality CPR training.
All appropriate CPR metrics are measured and the software facilitates real-time feedback, stores data, calculates overall performance and allows for thorough debriefing.
Detailed real time feedback and enhanced debriefing flexibility enables students to learn and improve CPR performance in a manner which far exceeds previous training.

Laerdal’s new manikin line with QCPR is designed to measure the core components of CPR skills. Intuitive graphics and easy-to-follow guidance indicate:

  • Compression rate and depth
  • Complete release
  • Limited interruptions
  • Appropriate ventilation volume

CPR feedback takes the guesswork out of CPR training. Objective measurement enables objective assessment. Results are logged and stored for comparison and tracking of CPR competence development over time. Our multi-manikin function allows for tracking performance of multiple students simultaneously.

Evidence supports using feedback during CPR training helping improve both skill acquisition and retention. Real-time feedback enhances performance both during training and debriefing after. Simply put, when you know better, you do better.

The SimPad SkillReporter has to be ordered separately. The SimPad SkillReporter works with the following manikins: Resusci Anne QCPR (including QCPR AED and QCPR CPR-D) and Resusci Baby QCPR (via USB cable only).


  • Real time, live feedback of CPR performance
  • Remote control for AED Trainers (via the Laerdal Link system)
  • Able to manage cardiac rhythms for live defibrillator use
  • Training in Assessment mode (with no live feedback when required)
  • Detailed debriefing screens
  • Summary overviews highlighting areas for improvement
  • Annotation of key events during CPR simulation
  • Multi-manikin overview for class teaching
  • Adjustable limits/thresholds for compressions and ventilations (including ERC / AHA preset Guidelines)
  • Transfer of data to PC for projector viewing, printing and remote storage with the free Session Viewer ( Program Download available from September 2013)


  • The SimPad is a purpose built, rugged, handheld device which has been developed especially for Simulation and CPR training
  • Connects wirelessly to the Resusci Anne QCPR


Product name SimPad PLUS SkillReporter for CPR feedback
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Suitable for model Laerdal Resusci Anne QCPR, Laerdal Resusci Junior QCPR, Laerdal Resusci Baby QCPR
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