CPR Masks

The primary goal of any resuscitation is to save the patient's life. But please do not disregard your own safety. A CPR mask can provide the necessary protection. It enables effective ventilation and supply of oxygen to the patient without direct skin contact. At the same time, the resuscitation mask is also extremely efficient, as it seals both mouth and nose tightly and thus enables the best possible ventilation.

The Life Key or Kiss of Life is a slimmed-down version of a ventilation mask. It can easily be carried in the pockets of your trousers, on your key ring or in the handbag. It is a protective foil with a ventilation outlet, which enables hygienic ventilation.

Of course, you can also find professional resuscitation bags with us.

CPR masks and Life Keys are offered by various brands. You will find ventilation aids from Ambu, Laerdal and DefiSign. It is also possible to have the cover of the LifeKeys printed with your own logo. Please contact us if you are interested in a life-saving promotional gift.

For multiple use, the filter of the respiratory masks can also be exchanged. You will also find various cases, from soft case to hard case and various colours. It is best to store your respiratory mask directly next to a defibrillator, but of course the car, handbag or office drawer is always a suitable place. Protect yourself and those around you by using a hygienic barrier during vital ventilation.

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