Has your AED defibrillator been deployed?

All AEDs purchased from Medisol AEDexpert.co.uk will be provided with electrodes, a rescue kit and batteries (if necessary) free of charge following deployment of the AED in an emergency resuscitation attempt.

You should never hesitate to use your AED for financial reasons, saving a life will not cost you anything.

If you did not purchase your AED from us, but have a current service contract with us, you will also be eligible for the free replacement electrode offer.

This offer excludes some medical establishments.  For more information or to find out if you qualify for free replacement electrodes, please contact us on tel. 01223 790124; have the make, model and serial number of your AED defibrillator to hand and we will check your details immediately.

Medisol AEDexpert.co.uk believes that there mustn’t be any kind of barrier when a life-saving AED defibrillator is required. After each deployment the electrodes must be replaced and in some cases the battery. We hope you will never need to use the AED defibrillator. However if a sudden cardiac arrest should occur, it will be very important to recognise it at an early stage and to warn the emergency services immediately. The second stage is providing basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (chest compressions alternating with rescue breaths) to keep the victim alive until defibrillation can be performed.

Proceeding with CPR resuscitation and using an AED defibrillator within three – five minutes is crucial, those affected will survive. The chance of survival will decrease with ten percent for each minute that passes. If there is an AED defibrillator available, you should definitely use it, the worst thing you can do is to do nothing at all.

Some people may be reluctant to use an AED defibrillator in an emergency situation, probably because they do not know how an AED defibrillator works and even maybe even wonder who will have to pay for the new electrodes and batteries after the AED defibrillator has been deployed. These costs should never be an issue!

Medisol AEDexpert would like to take this last question off your mind and contribute to the chain of survival by providing free consumables after deployment of your AED defibrillator. We would like people to feel safe and confident about an AED defibrillator hence functioning rapidly again after deployment of the AED defibrillator.

All AED defibrillators that have ever been purchased at Medisol AEDexpert.co.uk will from now on be provided with free electrodes, a rescue kit and batteries (if necessary) after a deployment.

Has your AED been deployed and do you want to know whether you qualify for free AED consumables. Please contact 01223 790124 and have your AED to hand. We will check immediately.
Or contact us by email: [email protected]


After deployment of your AED, purchased at Medisol, you will receive replacement electrode pads free of any charge. Batteries often last longer than one deployment. Our customer service will help you check the remaining battery capacity. Flat or not certain? Then without any doubt you will receive a replacement battery.

Please contact Medisol by phone or by email for free consumables after an AED deployment. Our customer service may need more information about the deployment of your AED.

If you have you used adult electrode pads? You will then receive replacement adult pads, Have you used child electrode pads? Then you will receive child replacement pads.
You will receive your replacement consumables by courier within two or three working days.

This only applies to AEDs purchased at Medisol AEDexpert.co.uk and applies also to AEDs that have been purchased by resellers.

Free consumables after deployment applies also for customers with a Medisol Maintenance Service Contract for AEDs not purchased at Medisol AEDexpert.co.uk.

The program is intended for organisations that do not have as primary goal to be involved in these life-saving emergencies. Hospitals, emergency services and public services have been excluded because they already have a budget for replacement consumables.

It is of great importance that the AED can be used again rapidly. Please don’t forget to ask for your free replacement consumables within one week.

The ambulance services insist that public AED defibrillators are registered. Given the distances and the traffic on the road, they cannot always arrive on time. By registering public AEDs they know where the nearest life-saving AED defibrillator is located, and more importantly that it can be deployed before the ambulance arrives. Also important is the visibility of the AED defibrillator and its maintenance. How awful it would be if the AED defibrillator did not function at the crucial moment of deployment. Although the AED does its own regular self-test you should may also check the AED yourself once in a while. With sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) it is extremely important to start defibrillation as quickly as possible. Every minute is vital!

The presence of a (public) AED defibrillator will give you a secure feeling. Now you will also have the means to act immediately when someone is having a sudden cardiac arrest.

If we are not mistaken, you must have been informed during the purchase of your AED defibrillator about the regular necessary maintenance and the costs to consider. The Ambulance Service, the Resuscitation Council, the British Heart foundation and most of the AED suppliers will inform you that there is more involved than only the one-off investment purchase. You should also take into account the costs for replacement of electrodes and batteries. Some AED defibrillator suppliers will even contribute to these costs by providing new consumables within the first two years after purchasing an AED defibrillator. Depending on the AED model, electrodes and batteries should be replaced every 2-7 years. Why?

Electrodes have a limited shelf-life because they are equipped with a gel that not only has adhesive properties but also conducts the electric current. After a while the gel on the pads may dry out in the packaging, causing the chemical composition of the gel to change. This will result in lower conductivity of the electric current. The AED may have problems with the analysis if the quality of the conducting signal reduces or even stops and becomes unusable.

You even may think that the AED can run empty without any use of the AED during the years, but actually the AED does self-tests constantly and will notify you if the AED isn’t functioning correctly.

Which checks can you do yourself?

Switch on the AED in order to listen to the spoken instructions. Don’t be afraid that you will receive a shock from the AED. Switching on the AED is perfectly safe. The AED will start with spoken voice prompts: does the device start with instructions to help the patient? Switching off by pressing (long) again the on/off button. If the device doesn’t give a spoken error message then the AED is all right. The green checkmark / led light / scoop on the status indicator will light up again or flash. If you notice anything different? Then please contact us for advice.

The electrode pads indicate a shelf-life date. Keep this in mind and replace pads in good time. Please also think about the child electrode pads? It is possible that the battery could be indicating e a production date, or an outer shelf-life date. Because there is sometimes a lack of clarity we advise you to go by the AED self-test.
As soon as the device indicates a low battery voltage then it’s time to replace the battery immediately. There still could be a small residual capacity for a deployment, however keep in mind that this will not be much. If you wish to avoid this moment? Then please enquire with the product specialist to determine whether it is the right time for replacement.

Maintenance of an AED defibrillator is of life-saving importance
There are several parties who can take care of the AED maintenance for you. A good maintenance service will be able to plan timely maintenance better and will be able to test more extensively.