What does a defibrillator cost?

Defibrillator costs

If you're wondering, "What does a defibrillator cost?", you're not alone. The total cost of a defibrillator consists of a sum of purchase cost, maintenance cost and usage cost. Of these, the purchase cost is the largest.

What does a defibrillator device cost?

The purchase cost of a defibrillator can range between £750 and £1,769.99 before VAT. The wide price range is due to the numerous types of available defibrillators on the market. Some have all the specifications you need as a citizen rescuer, and others have specifications for professionals. There are also fully automatic and semi-automatic defibrillators. Semi-automatic defibrillators are usually slightly cheaper to buy. All defibrillators save lives!

Due to continuous innovation, more and more defibrillators come on the market with more extensive functions. Naturally, these models with advanced specifications are somewhat more expensive.

Our defibrillators always come with battery and adult electrodes. Usually, the defibrillator also comes with a protective bag. So you do not need to buy these supplies separately.

What do other defibrillator accessories cost?

Also consider the cost of defibrillator supplies such as:

  • A wall bracket (£47.99 - £114.90 excluding VAT) or wall cabinet (£109 - £969 excluding VAT)
  • Pediatric electrodes (if needed) (£44.99 - £139 excluding VAT)

Costs for use and maintenance of the defibrillator

Defibrillator electrodes are for single use. After use, the glue comes off the electrodes. After a defibrillator deployment, new electrodes will need to be purchased. If the defibrillator has not been used before, it's crucial to follow the electrodes' shelf life, which typically lasts around 2 years.

defibrillator battery typically lasts for around 5 years, and we recommend replacing the defibrillator after 10 years. Within that period, you should budget for 5 electrode sets and 2 batteries, which are the running costs of the defibrillator when not in use. Please note that the prices of defibrillator electrodes and batteries vary significantly depending on the brand and model.

  • These prices range between £41.99 and £169.90 (excl. VAT) for electrodes and;
  • Between £49.99 and £279.99 (excl. VAT) for the battery.

Keeping track of expiry dates and ordering spare parts can be a hassle. Outsourcing this task could be a practical solution. With a service plan, you can guarantee that your defibrillator receives professional maintenance and is always in ready-to-use condition.