Brayden Baby Pro

NEW: Brayden Baby Pro, Brayden's advanced baby resuscitation manikinRealistic, feature-packed and lifelike appearance. 

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Product Description

Brayden Baby Pro: Realistic with real-time feedback

Brayden's new Baby Pro is an advanced baby CPR manikin that provides real-time CPR feedback via a free app. In terms of appearance, the Baby Pro is lifelike, the skull has a realistic look and the baby manikin is modelled in a natural position,.  Just like a real baby, the head is movable and the mouth and nose are connected. 

Real-time feedback visible and audible 

During training, the Baby Pro provides real-time feedback by means of lighting and sound.  For example, when performing ventilation correctly the lungs will light up. This boosts the student's confidence! If the student is taking an exam, then these functions can be easily turned off so the manikin does not give any feedback. 

Connect with the extensive Brayden Online App 

In addition, the Pro baby can easily be connected to the Brayden Online app. Through this handy app, many different exercise and assessment scenarios can be read. Various objective measurements are displayed during training using the Online app. This improves the quality of the training session and students are generally trained at a better level. The results of the training session are clearly displayed in tables and graphs, making it clear at a glance what went well and where there is room for improvement after each session. 

Important: this app is currently only available in the Apple App store and is only suitable for use on Apple devices. 

Real-time feedback can also be read during training via the Online App. Simply place the iPad next to the student so they can easily monitor their own performance. This includes giving the correct ventilation volume, the correct compression depth, the correct thumb/finger position and the correct release of the chest. 

Train through AHA and ERC guidelines 

The Baby Pro is also equipped with a brachial pulse function. Depending on the chosen training scenario (via the guidelines of the AHA or the ERC) it can be switched on and off. Always useful! 

In short, with the Brayden Baby Pro you are always assured of a quality training. With its lifelike anatomy and clear real-time feedback functions, this baby manikin is unique.  If you are looking for a high-quality baby resuscitation manikin, look no further, choose the Brayden Baby Pro! 

What's in the box?

  • Brayden Baby Pro
  • Additional artificial lungs
  • 1 double ventilation filter
  • 10 Face shields
  • Carry bag that also folds out to become a training mat
  • 4 AA batteries
  • User manual

Brayden Baby Pro Product Demonstration

Product name Brayden Baby Pro
Manikin type Baby
Procedures BLS (chin lift, ventilation, compression)
Weight 1 kgs
Warranty 2 years
User Manual

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